Gaming the War on Terror - Afghanistan

I own two sets of rules that could be used to game this:
  • Hearts & Minds: ISAF in Afghanistan (a supplement for Flying Lead) by Ganesha Games
  • Skirmish Sangin published by Radio Dishdash Publishing
  • Both are equally fine sets of rules.
Hearts & Minds (Flying Lead is required to play) is more focused on the abilities of individual weapons and places great emphasis on following the ISAF Rules of Engagement (ROE). While this is very historical, I find it frustrating in play.

 Original Cover

Alternate Cover

Skirmish Sangin uses a more general approach to game mechanics and the ROE are more in the background.

There is also an (optional) expansion book called Sangin Despatches No.1.

I have chosen to use the Skirmish Sangin rules.

Lego Afghan Civilians, Taliban and 

Al Qaeda

Afghan civilians and the various fighters are actually fairly easy to represent with LEGO. The fighter's main weapons are the AK 47 Assault Rifle and the RPG 7 Rocket Launcher.

The Man in White.. He started it all.
He is seen everywhere...and nowhere. 
The Yanks want him, but can not find him.

Village and Tribal Elders.
Life is hard today. Life was hard yesterday. Life will be hard tomorrow.
They just want to be left in peace.

Afghan Civilians. Caught in the middle.

Shepherd Boy and Goats. Civilian or Taliban Spy?

Civilians making a cellphone call or Taliban Spotters?

Local Imam or Taliban Mullah?

Veteran Taliban Fighters. 

Veteran Taliban RPG Team.

Veteran Taliban PKM Machine Gun Team. 

Novice Taliban Fighters.

Novice Taliban RPG Team.

Al Qaeda. Foreign Fighters. Religious Fanatics. 

International Security and Assistance Force 

ISAF Forces

ISAF Forces are a bit harder to represent with LEGO. Most modern military forces have camouflage uniforms with complex patterns. Many of these patterns are trademarked and copyrighted and can only be produced under license. LEGO itself does not have an interest in producing modern soldiers and most third-party manufactures can not afford to pay license fees. Painting the mini-figures myself is a poor choice at best (I'm a terrible painter), so I have decided to make do with solid color uniforms with contrasting accessories to represent ISAF soldiers.

Many ISAF Special Operations Units use special uniform and equipment items.  Many of these are available for LEGO type mini-figures, many are not. Replacement items must be found and some substitutions must be made. It is more important that the minifigures look close to what they represent than be exact reporductions.

  United Kingdom Forces

Scots Territorials.
They maintain many of the traditions that the Regulars are no longer able to practice.

 Officer and Piper

 GPMG Team

 SA80, SA80 + UGL, Minimi

 SA80, SA80 + UGL, LSW

United States of America Forces

US Navy SEAL DEVGRU Boat Team.
Four Barrel NVDs and top of the line equipment.

SCAR-H and AT 4.

Minimi, M4 + Masterkey, Minimi,  M4 + UGL.

Sniper Team.

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