Friday, February 28, 2014

Hero Kids RPG

Hero Kids: A Fantasy Role-Playing Game for Children Aged 4 To 10
By Justin Halliday
Art by Eric Quigley

Hero Kids is designed to be played by 1 to 4 children and an adult Game Master. It can easily be used with more children, but the maps become congested. You will either have to split the adventures into two groups (unwise) or use bigger maps. Six-sided dice are used throughout.

The core rulebook contains 10 Hero Cards, each
with a different type of hero and two blank cards to make your own heroes. There is a good mix of heroes, some boys and some girls. There are also 10 Monster Cards. Each Hero and Monster has a Paper Standee. The monsters each have 8 additional standies, so the heroes can fight them in groups. No maps are included in the core rulebook.

A Print-on-demand version of the core rulebook is available. It has a slightly different mix of Monster Cards. All but one appears again in the Hero Kids Adventures. There are no Paper Standies in the printed book.

There are, as of this date, 10 Hero Kids Adventures and several other supporting materials. The Adventures all contain new monsters, Paper Standies and maps.

The artwork and paper standies are mostly black and white line drawings. The style is simple and elegant. Eric Quigley does an excellent job of bringing the Heroes and Monsters to life.

The maps appear to be hand drawn on a 25mm (1 inch) grid. The style is simple and elegant. I like this style of map and find it perfect for RPG game maps.

The only issue I had was with the download, and printing the maps to the correct scale: 1 square = 25mm (1 inch). When printed out on one page the maps had 20mm squares. I finally printed them as 2 page posters, which had 25mm squares. A quick trim and tape the two pages together and the correct size map is ready for play.

Want to Know More?
Everything can be purchased as downloads from and Look for Hero Forge Games. All downloads contain a printer friendly version. The Hero Kids Core Rulebook download comes with an adventure; Basement O Rats.

For more information see the Hero Kids RPG Blog (

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