Wednesday, March 16, 2011

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Goodbye to Miniature Figure Painting
I have finally had to admit that my efforts at painting miniature figures are a failure. I don’t have any artistic ability at all and the whole process of painting miniature figures just frustrates me. I do not enjoy it. Also the results of my labors mostly look awful.

Paying someone else to paint my miniature figures has produced very mixed results. I’m fed up with painting miniatures and miniature painters. On top of all that it is expensive. No more.

I still like to play miniatures based games. I have decided to use LEGO Miniature Figures instead of lead miniatures that require painting.

Gaming with LEGO Miniature Figures
The whole secret to gaming with LEGO is approximation. LEGO rarely looks exactly like the actual person or item. It looks approximately like it. The exception to this is that licensed LEGO minifigures look like the character they represent (LEGO Batman looks like Batman, &c.).

The effect that I am aiming for is that people will look at my LEGO minifigures and say “I recognize that. It is X.” And they will have identified it correctly. At least I hope so.